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Tory Ross Roman

Tory Ross (Roman) has been lucky enough to perform on Broadway (Cry-Baby, 9 to 5, Kinky Boots), on National Tours (Producers, Wicked, White Christmas), at Carnegie Hall (Jerry Springer the Opera), in London (Silence! the musical) at the Grand Ole Opry (Radio City Christmas Spectacular) and on the big screen (Producers, Sex and the City 2, Frozen).  She currently does about 9 shows a day in the East Bay for her almost 2-year old twins, Malcolm and Beatrice.


Philip Andrew Hall

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in sociology, Philip spent seven years working in feature and independent film development for some of Hollywood’s biggest producers (Garden State, Devil Wears Prada, SWAT, Beyond Borders, Alvin & the Chipmunks). While reading screenplays and manuscripts, writing coverage, negotiating option rights on new material, and schmoozing and pitching studio execs, he began writing his first book Memoirs of a Gaysha Punim. Before his soul turned to tar and he pulled out his last remaining patches of hair (thank god for Propecia), he took a leap of faith in himself and quit “the biz,” moved to San Francisco, and went back his roots—eating! Today he is a professional storyteller and the founder of He is a freelance writer and photographer in the food, beverage and tourism industries. Several days a week he gives private and public tours of San Francisco’s hippest neighborhoods as a culinary guide for Avital Tours.

Special thanks to:

  • Priya Mapara for designing our podcast logo with relatively thin cartoon versions of ourselves,
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  • Grammy winner, Stephen Oremus, for composing an opening jingle that sets the world at ease just before we smash it to bits.

Love you guys!